How to Make Your Own Sourdough Starter Cooking Lessons from the Kitchen


Enjoying sourdough anytime they want at home can be a great luxury for many people. It is pretty difficult for many people to make sourdough at home because they do not have the starter. They envy other people who get the starter from their parents who love baking. It does not mean that they have to give up for making the sourdough at home. In fact, they can ask how to make your own sourdough starter cooking lessons from the kitchen and the answer will make them make the starter right away. The ingredients for making the starter for sourdough are not complicated at all. However, they have to be patient when making the starter because they have to pay attention to details and they also have to spend days for completing the starter. No matter what, the process will be worth it because they will be able to enjoy the delicious sourdough anytime they want. Homemade sourdough will be kind of comfort food which will be loved by the whole family member for sure.


People might think that they have to look for the ingredients for sourdough starter from faraway place. They think that it is made from rare culture for instance. In fact, there are only two ingredients which they need for making the starter so they can make sourdough anytime at home. The first ingredient is all purpose flour. Yes, people will find it easily at the grocery store and they even have the supply at home. The all purpose flour can be replaced with mixture between all purpose flour and whole grain flour. The second ingredient is water. It is better if they can use the filtered one to make the starter for sourdough. With just flour and water, people can make the sourdough starter at home right away.


Of course people must not forget about the equipment necessary for making the starter. There is no need to worry because the equipment is pretty simple and it is available in their kitchen. They have to prepare two quart container which is made from plastic or glass material. Is it okay to use metal container? Metal container is not recommended for making the sourdough starter after all. The next thing which must be prepared is scale. If they do not have scale, they can use measuring cups but using scale is highly recommended for exact measurement. They will also need mixing spoon and clean kitchen towel or plastic wrap.


SourdoughOne thing which people have to keep in mind when making sourdough starter is that the whole process will take about five days to complete. At day one, people have to make initial starter by combining four ounces flour and four ounces of water in the container.

The smooth batter in the container should be covered with kitchen towel or plastic wrap secured with the rubber band. The container must be placed in the consistent room temperature for 24 hours. At day 2, people can find small bubbles in the batter of starter and it means that the wild yeast is growing in the batter. It is the time for feeding the starter with combination of four ounces of flour and four ounces of water.

They have to repeat the process for covering and placing the container. At day 3, bubbles will dot the starter and the volume looks larger. They also have to feed the starter with same amount combination of flour and water mixture. Day four, small and large bubbles will be found while the volume of the starter will be doubled. They have to feed the starter one more time with the same amount mixture of flour and water. The starter must be allowed to sit for the next 24 hours. At day five, the starter is ready to use. Half of the starter can be used while the rest of the starter can be maintained for the next use. They just need to feed the starter with the new combination of flour and water. The same daily feeding process should be done if they will use the starter within next few days. However, people just need to cover it tightly and placed the starter in the refrigerator if they want to use it longer for making sourdough at home.

How to Make Boba and Bubble Tea

How to Make Boba and Bubble Tea

Drinking tea can be part of tradition which can be found in many parts of the world. Different people have their own habit for enjoying the tea. Nevertheless, we can make sure that because tea is very popular beverage in the world, people will be curious for enjoying the new tea. Boba and bubble tea can be interesting tea serving which makes people want to enjoy it over and over again. Many people usually have to go out if they want to enjoy boba and bubble tea. Many people are addicted with this beverage so they will go to the bubble tea shop often. However, they can enjoy this beverage anytime at home if they know about how to make boba and bubble tea. One thing for sure, the process for making this beverage is simple and easy. Let’s find out further about the easiness of making the bubble tea so people can make it at home right away.


Since people will make boba and bubble tea, of course it is crucial for preparing boba as one of the main ingredients for this beverage. ¼ cup of dried boba tapioca pearls will be needed for every serving of this beverage. People have to keep in mind that they should not choose the quick cooking boba. Tea of course becomes the next crucial ingredient which should be prepared. For every serving of boba and bubble tea recipe, people will need 1-2 tea bags. What kind of tea which should be used for this recipe? It can be any kind of tea. It means that people can always use the tea available in their house. They must not forget to prepare ½ cup of water and ½ cup of sugar. Milk is needed as well. There are some milk options which can be used including sweetened condensed milk, almond milk, or cow milk. If they like, people can also use nectar or fruit juice.


There are some equipment items which should be prepared for making the boba and bubble tea recipe. All of the needed equipment items can be found easily in the kitchen for sure. People just need saucepan, bowl, and measuring cups. The bowl will be used for holding the cooked boba. That is all people need for cooking boba and bubble tea.


How to Make Boba and Bubble TeaFirst of all, people have to combine two cups of water for every ¼ cup of boba which will be made. The water should be boiled in the pan over the high heat. The boba can be added next. They can stir it but gently butyl the boba is floating on the water surface. The boba must be cooked correctly. The heat must be turned to the medium level for cooking the boba for about 12-15 minutes. The pan can be removed from the heat. It must be covered for allowing the pearls sit for 12-15 minutes more. After the boba preparation, people have to prepare the sugar syrup which will be used for the boba. People have to boil ½ cup of water on the high heat on the microwave or stove. It must be removed from the heat before ½ cup of sugar can be stirred until dissolved. It must be allowed to cool. Strong cup of tea can also be prepared while cooking the boba or ahead of the boba cooking time.  A cup of water must be brought to boil. They can add the tea bags after removing the water from heat. If they want to make bubble tea with regular strength, they only need one tea bag. They can also use two tea bags for getting bubble tea with stronger flavor. The tea bag must be removed after 15 minutes. It must be chilled. The boba can be stored first by pouring sugar syrup over the boba at least for 15 minutes or until it can be used. For making the bubble tea, people only need to pour the tea into tall glass. They can add the boba next. If they want to enjoy creamy bubble tea, they can add milk. If they want the fruity tea, they just need to add juice. It can also be left plain by adding more water. The sweetness of the bubble tea can be adjusted by adding simple syrup from boba soak. Enjoy the freshness!