What is Uber, really? And How to Use Uber?

How to Use Uber

Uber was on demand car service provider which allows you ask private driver through application for iPhone and Android device as well. This service provider is using dispatch software to send the closest driver in your current location. This service also provides you with cashless solution which charging your request directly on your credit card or PayPal account that had been recorded in your account. Because this service relied on technology, there are some people who do not know about how to use Uber, and how it works?

Fro a rider, Uber is inexpensive, safe and convenient taxi service. You can request for private driver to pick you up and take into your destination safely only using your tap finger through your smartphone. The closest driver will pick you up only in couple minutes; even you can see your driver is en rout in order to pick you up. Then for drivers, Uber give exceptional pay and allow the customer become drive’s boss or set you work hours as well. You can take the cash whenever you want, work as much as you could as well.

So, how to use Uber?

  1. You should make account first

You can visit Uber’s official site, so you can visit Uber’s site in your browser. Even you also able to sing up directly though Uber application in your smartphone.

– You can click sign up and you will be asked to make your account. You also need to attach your valid credit card and PayPal account.

– Enter your first and last name, and you first name will be given t the deriver when they pick you up. So, you can ensure that they have right driver for you.

– Enter you telephone number and the drivers will use your Uber to contact you when the driver near your location but he cannot find you. Even you also able to use your phone number to log in your account.

– Input your valid email address to make an account and get the Uber receipts.

– Create your password

– Next, you need to read the terms and condition before you continue this service

– Finally, you click sign up button then you account will be made and you will be sent confirming account through your email address. Then you are ready to use Uber service.


How I can request a driver?

– Open your Uber application, then sign up with your account.

– Then you can tap “where to” and input your destination on search space. if you had synchronized your contact with Uber app, then you are able t set a person as your destination as well. your contact will be sent to get approval request then confirming you after your driver willing to take you directly.

– Start to choose your vehicle type that you want. Usually, you can choose several options, they are: UberXL, UberPool and XL. You can swipe right and left to know your choices, upfront pricing and waiting time to pick up as well.

– You can confirm the amount of seats that you need, if you choose UberPOOl as your option.

– Check the upfront price, price and type of vehicle would be displayed under it. This price will based on current traffic along with surge pricing as well.

– Then you need to tap request order to book your ride. You will be asked to confirm your pickup destination

– Tap the confirm pickup to set your location and book the ride. You might be received an advise to make your pickup spot easier for your driver in order to find you.

– After you arrive in your destination, you are able to pay via Uber app. All of the payments had been managed automatically by Uber service and your payment method on file as well.

– At the end, you can rate you ride and you will be asked to rate your ride after you arrive in your destination.

So, the steps above can give you complete steps about how to use Uber and enjoy your ride. You do not have to worry because your safety is number one and Uber was extremely safe option for you.